Sof Mist Report™ - Casualty Treatment Card

SOF MIST™ Casualty Treatment Card

The SOF MIST™ Casualty Treatment Cards were created specifically for the SOF operator and medic. The card provides current tactical combat casualty care recommendations for treating patients in the pre-hospital setting.

It is appropriate for use by any provider!

The card will assist the provider by prompting necessary care to prevent casualty deterioration or death. It will also promote quality patient hand-offs, and improve patient outcomes.

The SOF MIST™ Casualty Treatment Card is 4.5" x 7" durable rip stop and waterproof construction. It has a strong 26 gauge securing wire attached to each casualty treatment card - that will not rip/tear

Purchasing options are available direct from TEMS through PayPal™ or through our SOF MIST™ reseller's stores (GSA/LE and bulk pricing available through our resellers.). Please click here for additional ordering information.

Maroon - Pre-hospital Medical Providers
Blue - Operators (Law Enforcement, SOF, Conventional, IFAK insertion)

SOF MIST™ Casualty Treatment Card

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